Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Canned goods done

I canned celery a couple of months ago.  I had never heard of doing this until I got Jackie Clay's canning book (you can get it at BackwoodsHome.com).  What do you do with canned celery?  Well you put in soups and stews and casseroles.  And I dont have to worry about celery going bad in my fridge before I can use it all either.  I have dehydrated celery too but I think the canned is much better cause you can throw in all that yummy celery liquid in the soup and add some flavor.  It will last longer than the dehydrated celery too.

Here are the carrots (regular and candied) that I did a few months ago.  Hubby hates candied carrots and canned regular carrots but I like them so there (raspberry) ;).  Besides the regular carrots will be used in soups and stews and he will eat them that way just not by themselves - go figure.

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  1. Your DH and mine sound similar when it comes to carrots, LOL. I've never heard of canning celery either. But then if anyone should know, Jackie would.


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