Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making something new for dinner...

Last night I decided I was sooooo boooorrrred with everything we had been eating that I would make something different for dinner so here is what I made:

I sauted onions and peppers in a bit of coconut oil until soft, added one pound of ground beef and cooked it until done.  I added a little cumen, garlic powder, salt and pepper.  Then I had these frozen wrappers I got at the grocery store.  They said that they were for empada? sorry I didnt write down the word but basically Mexican beef turnovers.  I had thawed them out and put a little bit of the beef mixture in each one and hubby folded them over and used a fork to press together the edges.  He also poked a hole in the top of them to keep them from exploding in the oven.  I put them in a baking dish and put a little olive oil over top of them and popped them into the oven.  Baked them at 350 for about half an hour. 

Of course after we had them in the oven hubby mentioned that I had forgotten the cheese...grrr.  Hate when I leave out an ingredient but anyway we just put that on top of the hot turnovers and they were wonderful.  I will definitely be making these again with other ingredients.  We ate all 10 without any leftovers.  They would be great for a take to work lunch that you can eat with your fingers.  I can see them with mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese and Italian seasonings or even bacon, eggs and peppers for a breakfast.  And the wrappers only had a few ingredients: flour, eggs and water.  We might even try to make our own wrappers with whole wheat the next time.  Just have to use our dough roller to get it thin enough and use a small plate to get the size right. 

Hubby decided that he wanted to make bread yesterday so I let him LOL.  Actually he did the initial dough and let it rise and I punched it down and put it in the bread pan.  The recipe was for two loaves so I used the rest of the dough to make a pizza and some cinnamon rolls (very tiny ones ;)  My mind was not really in the cooking mood yesterday not only did I forget the cheese in the turnovers but I forgot that you have to bake the pizza crust for 10 or so minutes before you put on the toppings.  Needless to say by the time the crust was done the cheese was a little brown...Ok, Ok it was burnt but it tasted good.  And hubby finished it off so it must not have been so bad right? 

One thing about whole wheat it really fills you up.  I even made two more loaves of bread and have decided that the recipe is wrong.  It doesnt make two loaves of bread (unless you like very small loaves) so the next time I make this recipe it will all go in one loaf pan and maybe we'll be able to actually have slices you can use for sandwiches instead of for bruschetta.  The loaves taste good just kinda flat.  Told hubby we could slice them the other way and make hoagies out of them but we dont eat hoagies anymore because of the processed meats (I cant eat them and he shouldnt).  He said he would just have short sandwiches (funny guy) and if there are any leftovers I know some little feathered friends that live outside that loooove bread so it wont go to waste.  I also got to use my dough bowl again and this time the dough didnt stick.  Guess I finally got enough oil on the sucker.  I think I used a whole bottle of olive oil on it.  It just kept drinking it up.  If you dont have a dough bowl I highly recommend it.  It keeps the dough warm so it rises better. 

Hubby found out how much the girls love bread the other day.  He took out a couple of slices torn apart of course and they mobbed him LOL.  They do that to me anytime I go out with my little yellow bowl.  They love bread, greens and grapes.  They go crazy for grapes.  I dont give them many of them cause I dont want them to get sick and have the runs if you know what I mean. 

So yesterday was a baking day and we just took it easy the rest of the day.  Back to work today for hubby and I'm working too so I can take off some time on Tuesday.  We are looking for some small acreage with a house to start our farm.  We've picked out three to look at on Tuesday.  Hope we find something soon before the gas rises up any more. 

Wish us luck!

Talk to ya later,


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