Friday, April 27, 2012

Ok not good...

when your printer will not grab the paper to feed it through...It has officially bit the dust LOL.  So today I ordered another one off  I had a coupon what can I say?  ;)  They were going to deliver it on Monday but DH has a doctor's appointment in the afternoon so I called their customer service to see if I could reschedule it for another day next week.  Boy was the rep nice!  She had the delivery day changed in a couple of minutes and so friendly.  All customer service should be this way.  I had ordered some supplies from them last week (I was out of paper...umm yeah right like that's a problem now) and it was delivered by the local Staples store instead of coming from a warehouse in another state.  Very good idea.  They delivered it the next day too.  I think customer service is the deal breaker for me with some stores.  You have people who do not want to be there working for you, you NEED TO GET RID OF THEM!  Honestly there are a lot of good people out there who really want to work and are willing to go the extra mile and they hire nasty people who would rather be texting than waiting on customers, I don't get it.

Anyway I got a HP 8600.  Anybody out there have any comments on this printer all-in-one?  It looked like a good one.  I have always had Lexmarks but the toner on them is sooooo overpriced.  I liked the fact that HP toner is pretty reasonable so if you have any comments please leave them and not just about printers OK?  I really like hearing from all of you.  If you're a lurker, come out of the closet :)

I really would like to know what you enjoy or dislike about my blog and if you have any questions you think I might have answers for, ask away!  Do you like the scrapbooking things I was putting on here?  I know I have been pretty lapse about putting them up but if no one likes scrapbooking then I will stop putting them up or maybe I should put them on a different page?  What do you think?

Waiting to hear from all of you



  1. I'm catching up on my reading tonight. I was shopping for a printer the other day and decided to put it off...maybe next week. I like HP but I think they are stopping or have stopped making printers and laptops. At least for residential consumers. Hmmm....I'll have to look that up. I love your blog and oh, I wouldn't mind having one of those cust. svc. jobs myself. I'm somewhat friendly and hate texting. I bet they might even give me a chance if I weren't so 45 years old. LOL...


  2. Oh Cheryl dont tell me that they arent making them any more :( I really dont think they have an age limit on customer service reps at least not what I have heard. Glad you stopped by!


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