Monday, April 16, 2012

Wow whata week...

Last week I...

Went to the dentist to get out some metal fillings and have them replaced with non metal fillings.

Signed the papers for the new piece of property in TN.

Took my hubby to the doctor and then to the emergency room and then he had to be admitted to the hospital.

Picked up hubby from the hospital yesterday.

Repotted all the houseplants today and potted up the tomatoes and peppers in bigger pots.

In between all of that, I cleaned the house, washed dishes and did laundry not to mention cleaned up after my old cat who is on his last legs.  He is dribbling and peeing when he sleeps and so he has been barred from the bedroom and we even gave him a bath last week but looks like we will have to do another bath soon.  I think he has cancer, he smells so bad but his pee actually doesn't.  He's alert and still eating and drinking although he is dragging his foot some and is kind of dizzy sometimes, poor old thing.  He doesn't seem to be hurting though or in any kind of pain.  It's a wait and see thing I guess.

If I am repeating myself on some of this, sorry but I'm kind of worn out....hoping this week is better.

Talk to ya later!



  1. Aw, poor kitty. You sound very busy too.

  2. Oh my! Amalgam filings gone (that's a good thing!), hubby back home (a really good thing), tomatoes, cleaning and dishes (I hate doing dishes!) I would be mumbling and stumbling after your week! ...I'm full of envy over property in TN. Here's to a peaceful weekend!

  3. Thanks Kristina for stopping by!

    Cheryl, not all of my fillings at least not yet. They were doing two at a time. Next time will be the last time though and I'll be getting out three. Gotta save my money in order to do it ;) All the fillings were over 30 years old so just to be on the safe side decided to get them done plus having read how metal fillings mess you up just had to get them done. Dentist thinks I'm doing it for cosmetic reasons (not this gal not any time soon ;) Thanks for stopping by!


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