Thursday, March 7, 2013

A short video

This is a short video on Monsanto's seeds.  Gives you a little bit of history on the company and what they are doing now.  If you ever wondered about GMO's, check out this:


  1. When we first started gardening we did not pay attention to our seeds or the varieties we choose. Then we started visiting our local farmer's market and started hearing things. Within a few years and after a little research on our part we now pay very close attention. I make sure that any seed or variety we purchase now does not have anything to do with Monsanto or Dow and we use all natural fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. After finding out I am diabetic our goal became the most focused. If I stay away from gmo, my health is much better. The word on what is going on with our food really needs to be put out there and taken seriously. Everyone is talking about a zombie apocolypse, I feel like this is what the big companies are already trying to create. A country full of mindless people who just follow along and do nothing.


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