Thursday, April 4, 2013

I been quilting

No I didn't do this top but I bought it on Ebay and then put it together.  I just fell in love with the background fabric.  Here is the back I put with it:
It's just a lap size quilt.

This is a table runner I made using precuts, 2 1/2 inch ones and 5 inch ones.  I didn't even buy them together and they are from different manufacturers but the look good together don't they?
Here is the back:
I had this piece for a while.  I thought I could flip the table runner and use this side for Christmas if I wanted to.  Here is a close up of some fancy stitching I did on my machine for it:
It's just the feather stitch.  I used a variegated thread.  It goes from off white to a light brownish color.

Here is another table topper.  I now have this backed, pinned and ready to quilt.  And I did iron it after this pic was taken ;)

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  1. Swell job you have done on them all. I do like the colors in the background fabric on first one.


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