Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gardening update

Hubby finally got the garden rototilled and then I planted my potatoes.  Then I planted some peas in between the potatoes (they are supposed to be good companion plantings together).  We have cabbage, celeriac and tomato seedlings almost ready to go in.  Have to wait another couple of weeks to be past the last frost date here.

The chickens are really putting out the eggs.  This is their third year.  Hoping they live and lay for a while since we don't plan on getting any chicks for a year at least.

The blueberries and cherry trees have lots of buds.  Keeping my fingers crossed that we will have lots of cherries this year as last year there were lots but they all dropped off...:(  Not too worried about the blueberries, they are soooooo prolific every year.

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