Thursday, March 13, 2014


Just wanted to thank everyone for all your prayers and thoughts.  We really appreciate it!

We did make it to Nashville and had no problem getting there.  The surgeon said that it would be better for DH to get chemo and radiation before any surgery might be needed.  Surgery right now would involve removing his jaw to remove the tumor there so we are going to chemo and radiation therapy right now.  He has had radiation therapy on his knee and is finishing that up tomorrow YIPPEEEEE!  His knee is feeling better although it is stiff when it's cold out and he does have trouble with his balance and being dizzy.  He uses a cane and we are going to get him a walker soon.  We talked to the radiation doctor and after this chemo treatment he might be having radiation treatment to his facial tumors.  Right now he can't eat anything.  He is drinking Boost and Ensure and I got him some chicken broth yesterday which he said tasted really good.  His taste buds are off and nothing really tastes very good.  I think he's getting bored with the Ensure and Boost too.  His hair has started to fall out a little bit but he still has some and he lost about 30 lbs in two weeks before it leveled off.  I had to fight with him a little to get him to drink the Ensure but now he understands he needs the calories to keep his strength up.  I think the reason he was so irritable was because they had him on morphine for the pain but he has stopped that and is feeling more like himself now.

Keep up the prayers.



  1. Take care of yourself too. Prayers, Strength, Love, Patience and Blessing to you and yours!!!

  2. So sorry to hear this. I had put a post on my blog about cancer if you would to read it. Wishing you both well.

  3. Good to hear the update. Glad things are getting better.


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