Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cancer update

Well, DH's knee is doing better now.  The chemo has not helped his mouth tumor though which surprised the doc and now DH will be going for radiation treatment on it along with chemo treatments every week.  Hopefully this will take the swelling down so he can swallow better.  He dropped another 18 lbs since my last post.  He is very dizzy and is afraid of falling when he stands up.  I think the tumor is pressing on his inner ear putting his balance out of whack but I'm not a doc so what do I know?  He is still drinking the Boost/Ensure and now has a taste for ginger ale.  I found some at Kroger after looking everywhere for it.  I didn't want a big bottle just a small one.  He thinks something will taste good and then it doesn't so I end up throwing it away but he loved the ginger ale so it's all good.  The radiation doc made a mask of DH's face so they can bolt him down for treatment.  Sounds scary but he said he would just close his eyes.  He's very claustrophobic so I wonder how he will deal with this. He will have almost a sunburn in his mouth but it can't be any worse than it is now, right?

The bills are starting to come in, don't know how we will pay them with only my paycheck and we're still paying on the house in Alabama.  I'm working on getting it cleaned up and ready for sale but it's hard to do all by yourself.  I did get some help from one of DH's friends, Robert, who came and helped me load the trailer with some of the heavier things and then helped me unload them at the cabin.  I think he was really shocked to see the change in DH.  It was not one of his better days when Robert saw him though.  Because DH is so dizzy, he can't focus too much on what is going on around him sometimes and this was one day that was the way he was.  It takes a lot out of him to travel to the house which is 1 1/2 hours away from the cabin.  I told him next time I'll go by myself and not be gone so long.  He's afraid I might not come back but I told him that I wouldn't leave him for the world.  I love him too much.  I'm not going to let this cancer beat us down but I see him slipping away from me and it hurts.  I go out to the car and have a nice cry and try to keep a good attitude for him.

We appreciate your good thoughts and prayers, keep them coming.


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  1. This is heart breaking! I know you both are scared. My prayers are with you.


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