Friday, April 18, 2014

Busy week

It has been a very busy week.  DH has been going to radiation every day and then chemo on Tuesday.  He had a bit of a freak out with the mask they do the radiation therapy with and so he now is taking Alprazolam for anxiety.  Well he does have claustrophobia, can't say I blame him for freaking out a little bit with the mask and being strapped down to the table so he can't move.  He couldn't eat anything (Boost) on Sunday but was drinking juice and water but on Monday he had a hard time drinking.  The mouth tumor had swollen up so when we went in on Monday we asked about a stomach tube and he had it placed on Wednesday and is now on tube feedings.  He stayed in the hospital on Wednesday night and I picked him up on Thursday.  He is feeling much better and looks a whole lot better.  He kept saying I thought I was dead.  Seems they left him in the hallway alone at one time.  He was having a lot of pain after the procedure too.

To place the tube, the doc runs a little light on the end of a tube down the nostril to the stomach and pushes it up against the stomach towards the outside.  He can see that light and then makes the incision from that.  There is a little balloon that holds the tube in place so it won't pop out and then there is a disc on the outside.  He has cans of food that I put down the tube every five hours.  Right now he is only taking one but he should be up to 2 cans every feeding by Monday.  Don't want to overfill his little tummy :)  And you definitely don't want him to cough either when you are feeding him cause it comes back up the tube, yuck.

Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!

too funny!

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