Wednesday, May 19, 2010

4 Maz Funny Chicken Farm and Dairy

This is the back of my husband and Mark (owner of farm) along with Casa.  My husband helped milk her when they went away for a few days.  He loved every minute of it.  We get our milk and eggs from them.  They only pasturize the milk at the lowest temperature.  I have no problems drinking the milk.  It even has cream on the top...yum.  They also have goats and sheep and make soaps as well. 

These are the chickens we grew for them.  They are smaller than our chickens from the same batch but one of them laid a little bitty egg two days ago.  I had a talk with our girls.  They need to catch up!

Another pic of Feta.

This is Feta.  She's sweet.

This is the female peacock.  Her mate died so she is in with the chickens.  She's too old to lay any eggs.  All say "awwww".

The above pic is of some of their chickens along with a peacock in the back.

Will have more pics coming up!


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