Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I almost forgot to tell you about the kefir I started.  It worked!!! So happy it did.  I strained it yesterday and added some vanilla.  When DH came home from work we both tried a little bit.  It was good!  You have to start with a small amount.  It will clean all the toxins out of your body and you know what that means...lol.  I started another batch but will probably do a second fermentation on it to give us enough time to drink the gallon I just did.  With only two of us here it will take us a while to drink a whole gallon. 

I got my mixer today!  It's lovely.  Cant wait to use it.  DH is going to grind some wheat for me today and we are going to have a pizza with dough made with the mixer.  DH is off today and trying to paint the fence...notice I said trying.  He got a little sprayer and it was supposed to work but it doesnt seem to want to lay down the paint right (DH is not a very patient person and wants it to work right now) so of course he had to go to the store and get some rollers and a paint pan since the sprayer wasnt working for him.  This fence is costing us more and more...

On a more positive note, the weather is beautiful out and starting tomorrow I'm taking off a few days myself.  We are planning on going to the Lincoln County Fair in Tennessee.  Cant wait until tomorrow.  Well I better get back to work so I can get all this typing finished before midnight...just needed a break from it so what do I do but type on my blog...I'm a strange person...bruhahhaha.

Talk to ya later!



  1. Wow...I guess I am not too bright...I'll admit it, I had to look up Kefir...which did you use, cow or goat's milk???

    ke·fir   /kəˈfɪər/ Show Spelled
    [kuh-feer] Show IPA

    Middle Eastern Cookery .
    a tart-tasting drink originally of the Caucasus, made from cow's or sometimes goat's milk to which the bacteria Streptococcus and Lactobacillus have been added.

    I'd try it...not sure if I would like it..BUT, heck, gotta try things at least once, right???

    Sounds like yours was a success!!! :-) R Dean

  2. Actually R. Dean it's water kefir. I havent tried the dairy kefir yet. What with the sourdough, water kefir and kombucha I really dont have the time...

  3. I'm sure it is time consuming...Hey Denise, found a cracked egg tonight in my coop, on the mat below the roost..hardly any egg shell left...should I be concerned that one of them or many of them ate the egg and now may go after other eggs???

  4. They might be eating the shells. How often do you check for eggs? If you knew when it was laid you might catch the culprit. My chicks arent interested in the eggs at all. They just lay them and then leave but then I usually go out about 1-2 p.m. and gather them. They are usually done laying by then. You might have another problem getting in the henhouse like a mouse but I would sooner say that one of your chicks has developed a taste for the eggs. If it continues you might have to put her by herself. Egg eating chickens are hard to break I hear. It's really weird that your chicks are laying when roosting too but maybe when the others start laying this one will start laying in the box.


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