Friday, September 10, 2010


Yep got some Chinese food tonight and opened my fortune side was in English and the other...was in SPANISH!  Please explain this to me.  You would have thought it would have been in Chinese.  Your local Chinese restaurant is now politically correct...I guess.


  1. They always said a fortune cookie is not Chinese, but an American thing. That's the proof. The worst part is they all come in those plastic wrappers that never break down and think how many of those get thrown out a day!

  2. Can't explain...Hahahaha...where is this located again??? Miami..?? I'm just kidding, know you are in Alabama...Must be they had a complaint or two from their local Latin American community, huh??? :-)

  3. We dont get Chinese too often but when we do we put the wrappers in with our plastic bags to be recycled. Maybe we shouldnt? Does anyone know?

    Actually I think the fortune cookies are made elsewhere. There's a big fortune cookie place out in California I believe.


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