Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not keeping you up to date...

And I am very sorry about that.  Let's see...We transplanted our little pepper, tomato and parsley seedlings into our garden on Saturday after DH rototilled it again.  I planted some more little flowers last week and they came up and are outside hardening off.  I also planted some more veggie seeds inside on Sunday and they are coming up now too.  DH got two grafted tomato plants in the mail on Friday and boy did they look straggly but after planting them in some bigger pots and watering they look pretty good now.  Turned the air conditioner on yesterday for the first time this year.  We are having a mini heat wave right now.  Yesterday it was in the high 80's and today it is in the 90's with a lot of humidity.  Then we are supposed to have a front come through and get some rain and then it will be cooler (in the 70's). 

We pulled a couple of onions and a garlic to see how they were doing.  DH chopped them up and used them in speghetti.  They tasted really good - not too hot or strong.  They arent ready to all harvest yet though.  The garlic didnt have any bulbs just one big one.  Looked like an onion.  I harvested some of the collard greens Monday and cooked them up.  Since I'm the only one who likes them I canned the remainder yesterday.  They really taste good.  Not mushy like the canned versions in the stores.  I only got three pints but that's enough for me.  DH doesnt know what he's missing. :)

I'll post some pics later.  And I'm going to try to post some tips for surviving without electricity.  I think that might be interesting to some of you.

Talk to ya later!


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  1. I always like to read tips about how people live and survive without power.
    Just like frugal living, even thow you may do it already, another person's tips might give you a good idea on doing something different. I say come on with them.


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