Saturday, May 28, 2011

What we did on our days off...

We found a little track that a church had built for walking and biking and went there on a Monday to try it out.  It's 1/2 mile.  I walked twice around and DH went for a total of 5 miles on his bike.  This was the first time he was on the bike since he had a run in with that dog way back last year.

Here he is!

It was a nice day that day.  There are little signs up with bible scriptures on.

The following week we went to shoot our new guns.  If you notice there are only pics of DH.  I handed him the camera but he didnt take a picture of me shooting my new  This was the rifle and the following pic is the shotgun. 

He held the handgun wrong and ended up cutting his thumb on it.  I didnt have any problems LOL...We had to go to his former employer's farm to shoot.  If you noticed that is a feeding thing on the left in the last pic.  We found all but two shells afterwards but they werent in the feeding place so the cows will be OK....

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