Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A few days off...

and I'm tired...:)  Had to go back to work just to rest up LOL.  Anyway, I went ahead and canned some more, started weaving on my new loom and read.  Well of course I did pick blueberries and took care of the cats, chickens and hubby (not necessarily in that order) but I really enjoyed not being at the computer for a few days.

I canned some chicken soup which is a first for me.  Took me all day to do it too and that was just for 8 quarts.  My pressure canner only holds 4 quarts so had to do half and then do the other half while letting the canner cool down a bit between times.  The day before I did that I canned in the water bath some peach salsa and then while those pints were cooling and popping I started canning the corn which was also a first for me.  7 ears of corn made 4 pints, not bad.  I'll have to get some more and maybe add some red peppers and green peppers to it just for something a little bit different.

Quite a few neighbors had fireworks this year and they actually quit putting them off before 11 p.m. which was good.  Not that I dont like fireworks but when your hubby has to get up the next day to go to work and is kept awake by booming fireworks he's not a happy person :(  The neighbors with the most fireworks seemed to be the ones on the dole if you know what I mean...I know we couldnt afford buying that many fireworks on our pay.  These arent just sparklers and little smoke bombs but actual big fireworks with different colors and sonic booms.  In PA they arent allowed to sell them but down here it is the big thing.  Sellers set up tents, little trailers, etc just to sell them.  They must make quite a bit on them since they only sell them for about 4-5 months.  From what I understand they arent allowed to sell them after Labor Day but they start in June so that's what a little over three months?  I dont think you should be allowed to set them off in a subdivision.  We are in a drought but officials actually lifted the burn ban...like the fireworks werent going to burn anything down...  Anyway the fireworks are loud and really scare the dogs and cats.  My cats insisted on going out before dark and when the neighbors started firing them off last night before dark the cats were outside.  I called for them but they didnt come.  Then I remembered a couple of nights previously they hid behind the waterhose boxes and yep that's where they were.  Had to coax them in poor things.  Well enough about that.

We went out this morning for breakfast at Jack's.  Yum.  While we were out we took our glass recyclables to Star Market.  They have several barrels there for glass and they also have bins for donating clothing, books and shoes for the paralyzed vets.  Have to remember that so I can donate some of my clothes and books. 

Well all for now,



  1. Jacks for breakfast sound so good I haven't even seen a Jacks in years...you need to let me know where it is...I might just go there for breakfast myself. The fireworks didn't last to long here ..not something I would spend my money on either.

  2. I've wanted to do more canning and chicken soup sounds wonderful! :O)


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