Friday, July 22, 2011

Wow it's been a while...

To catch you up - Last Thursday I went out to lunch with my friend Kathy, her daughter and granddaughter.  We went to Indian Cafe.  The food was great.  They use fresh ingredients.  The service wasnt so great but we didnt mind.  We talked and laughed and I played peek-a-boo with with a sweet little two year old.  What more could you ask for?  After lunch was finished, we exchanged promises to meet more often maybe even every month for lunch and I headed over to Hobby Lobby.  I told myself that I was NOT going to spend over $20 and I didnt!  I found some cute things in their clearance section.

It's been so hot here.  I know other parts of the country are experiencing this heat wave as well.  It has just seemed to linger so long though.  I pitted and canned some cherries I got on sale at Publix.  We went out several times to the grocery store.  Yesterday we went to Falls Mills for some pancake mix.  They grind it there and hubby loves his pancakes plus we get a 25 lb bag, store in the freezer and it lasts for a year.  Hubby rototilled finally and I planted sweet potatoes and regular potatoes.  I might have planted the sweets too late but we will see.  I had started them from an organic sweet potatoe I got from the grocery store.  To do this, you just cut the potato in half and put it in a small bowl of water.  It took a while for the sprouts to start to emerge.  You let them grow until they have about two sets of leaves on them and then I just popped them off and put the sprouts in water.  They get roots on them pretty quickly.  In fact the original sweet potato is still making sprouts!  Nature is amazing.

My clothesline finally broke with the clothes on it...:(  Luckily it happened while I was hanging clothes up so I just tied a few more knots so the clothes would stay up and then when they were dry, started taking down the rotted lines.  I cant complain cause the line lasted over two years.  We got another clothesline at Tractor Supply and we started to put it up but it was so blamed hot out that we quit after a few holes were completed.  It is so hard to get that clothesline through those holes.  Since it is cooler today I might go out with a lighter and singe the end so I can put up the rest of the line. 

On the way home from Falls Mills yesterday we stopped at Main Street Diner.  It's in a Piggly Wiggly grocery store.  Just a little hole in the wall but boy can they make the food.  I had a cheeseburger basket and hubby had a BLT with fries.   The burger was sooo big!  And you got a big side of fries.  Good thing we were hungry!  Their sweet tea was good too.  If the place doesnt have good sweet tea then usually the food isnt very good.  I wonder why that is?  We stopped at Tractor Supply as well and picked up some oyster shell for the chicks.  They didnt have any small bags at Fayetteville but did at the Winchester one.  We also picked up a hat for each of us.  Hubby's has a flap of material to cover his neck and my straw one had a big brim to do the same.  Hubby also picked up an oil pan on sale and a funnel.  We really enjoyed getting out from the house for a while and it rained while we were gone!  We got 2 1/2 inches.  Hubby said if he watered the garden before we left it would rain and it did...maybe we should wash the car someday soon so it will rain again LOL. 

I will be taking some pics and posting them later!

Hope you have a wonderful day where ever you are in the world!

Talk to ya later,


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