Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Please stop

Dear Blueberries,

No more, please I know you have really had a rough life and you have had a lot of good things happen this year but please don't make any more cause I'm running out of room and recipes ;)

Thank you!

PS.  If your feathered friends want to belly up to the bar, let them.  OK I'm done now LOL.


  1. You are such a lucky lady. If I had a single blueberry I'd jump for joy.

  2. Dehydrate them for muffins and such later on. I'd LOVE to have your problem, I can't find a blueberry baked good anywhere here!

  3. Stephen, it's just that one year you have oodles of something and the next year you have nothing. We have sooo many blueberries this year but I can't seem to grow any peas or beans. Oh well there's always next year!

    Kathy, dehydrating is about the only thing I haven't done to them. Luckily the production has slowed down since we haven't had any rain but as soon as we do there will be more. Told my DH we didn't need to plant so many at the new place. There's only two of us and I still have blueberries frozen from last year to use up soon. If you lived closer, I would give you some ;)

  4. I'd kill for the blueberries! They're on the "agenda" for the next addition to our gardens!


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