Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Drought, ice age and other thoughts

The recent drought, which isn't so recent as we have been in drought conditions for years, got me to thinking about history and I remembered I had read about the little ice age back in the 1300's.  Now I didn't learn about this at school I learned this on my own about 25 years ago.  So here is a link for info on the little ice age:  and here's another link:

and here is some info on the Medieval warm period which happened before the little ice age:

Makes you kinda think doesn't it?  Although the scientists don't say whether there was widespread drought before the little ice age, they could have had a drought before it and history always repeats itself.

If you don't think this drought concerns you, think again.  Everything and I mean everything that you eat is going to go up in price as well as everything you buy because of the ethanol in the gas so it will cost more to ship things to you.  If you have a family or even if there is just you, please start buying more food NOW while the prices are reasonable.

Also if you only think this is happening to the US, think again because there is drought all over the world and who do you think they get most of their grain from?  hmmm?  Us and Russia and Russia has had a severe drought too.  The price of meat will go down because the farmers won't be able to buy food for their beef, chicken, pigs and fish because of the shortage so they will sell off the herds and us consumers will benefit for the short term.  Notice I said for the short term because as soon as all that meat is processed then there will be a shortage of meat and the price will skyrocket.  So if you have a freezer or can please do so for you and your family.  If you have dogs or cats, you should be buying canned food in bulk.  Anything you can buy in bulk buy and store.  It's better to have too much than not enough when times are bad.   Oh and if you think I made a mistake about the fish guess what, they feed soybeans to farm raised fish so there you go.  Grain isn't the be all and end all either.  Our ancestors didn't eat a quarter of the grain we do and their animals didn't either.  If you diversify your food sources, you will survive.  They knew it back then and we need to learn it now.

Sorry this has been such a depressing post.  I wouldn't have written it if I didn't care and I do.

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