Sunday, October 21, 2012


I took some pictures when we went to the land the other day.This is the nearest electric pole.  As you can see they sprayed underneath it and it ran down hill and almost killed that little tree.  This won't happen again as we are going to weed eat around it so no more of those awful chemicals.

Just a pic of the trees.

Here is where we had to cut down some limbs.  This is where we are going to place our cabin.

DH starting up the new chain saw.  Yes I helped too!  I was chief limb picker upper although the bigger pieces I rolled with my foot downhill to be able to stack them.

He's still cutting...

And more cutting...

And even more cutting.  Once he got started he found more dead ones to trim out. 

This is kind of dark but can you see the pile I started?

We covered it up with smaller limbs to hide.  Don't want anyone stealing all that good hardwood.  We'll be needing it for fuel come next winter.

We'll be trimming up the smaller limbs to use for kindling.

And here is the after shot.  Can you see the stumps?

Here is a butterfly I caught on the last of the lavender blooms.

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