Wednesday, October 10, 2012


These are pictures I took at our new place in September.  No we haven't moved there yet...:(

I don't know if you can see the fruits hanging on this tree.  I thought they might be wild plums or maybe persimmons.

another look at the tree.

These are some of the fruits that had fallen.  They don't look exactly like persimmons since they are rounder and were the size of a small plum.  Any ideas?

These are some of the plants that are growing across the street, or weeds LOL. 

These looked like elderberries but I couldn't get close enough to them to see.  

Here is a closer view.  Hubby thought they were elderberries but I don't know...

Close up of the weed growing closer to the road. It is kinda pretty don't you think?  Loved the red.  

These are two pics of a hawk.  He wouldn't hold still ;)  

He was circling and circling.  Guess when we do move we'll have to watch the chickens very closely.  I also saw a coyote one day and hubby saw a fox.  There were also some wild turkeys and hubby even saw a doe and fawn.  


  1. The fruit does look like persimmons. When are you going to be moving.

  2. Hi Denise,
    I don't think I knew you were moving. I would love to see more pictures.
    Nancy Jo


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