Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Cabin pics

Well we had the cabin delivered the other day and here are some shots of it being placed on the gravel pad we had made...

These are the guys who placed it and leveled it.  It took a couple of hours to level.  The man in the white shirt is the owner of the truck.  He was quite a trip.  He kept humming the entire time and he had on all this silver jewelry.  The other man is his son.  He's been delivering small cabins/storage sheds for over thirty years.  He did know his business that's for sure.

They tilted the cabin so much it made me nervous about it rolling over but they had no qualms about going underneath it...brave or stupid? LOL.

Here it is just being set down on the cement blocks you see underneath.  

Here it is totally in place and ready for occupation.  Not that that's going to happen any time soon though. ;)  We love the porch.  Hubby wants to live on it LOL.  We will be moving a table and chairs up to sit on the porch while we make some improvements to the inside.  We have the bracing to take down in the inside and the side door needs a little work on it too.  It looks like we made the gravel pad too long but actually we wanted it longer so we can drive the car right up to the porch to unload groceries.  We'll have to get some steps for the side door so we can use it.  All good things take time right?


  1. That is one cute cabin. I think it's the same size as my MIL/FIL weekend house.


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