Monday, December 10, 2012

Old family pics

I made up my yearly family calendars for Christmas and since I had the pics saved to my computer thought you might like seeing them.

This is my Aunt Dee

My Uncle Gene, Uncle Bob and my dad

My DH when he was little at Christmas.  Don't you just love that smile

This is my favorite pic of my brother and my cousin Jen.

This is my Grandma and Grandpa Snyder and some friends.  It was probably taken in the early 20's before they were married.

This is my other grandma, Grandma Wyse.

These are a litter of kittens our cat, Kiwi had.  She is pictured below.

This is my parent's dog, Lady.  They now have two Jack Russells.  Why yes they are sooooo much calmer than Lady was, why do you ask?  (little sarcasm there).

This is my Aunt Teena and one of her daughters, Jeanette.  Her other daughter is Jen (see photo above).  

This is me and my hubby at his brother's wedding.  Wow it's been close to 23 years ago now...Unfortunately the marriage didn't last for him and his first wife but me and hubby are still going strong!

Here I am at Christmas one year.  

The same Christmas. I got a phone!  and a Jack in the box.

This is our beloved cat, Molly who died this year. Really miss him.

There is Roxy when we first moved to our house. He had never seen a fireplace and it just amazed him.

l-r in back:  My mom, Aunt Jean, Uncle Bob and my dad.  Uncle Bob died this year.  He had Alzheimer's and was down to less than 100 lbs.  So sad.  He was a sweetie.  

The Wyse sisters:  Dee, Sylvia (Teena), Jean and my mom.  

This is my Uncle Gene.  He's my creative uncle.  Loves to make things and he loves owls too.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my family!


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