Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chickens are out of the house!

Yep we put our 8 little chickies into their new chicken coop yesterday and they seem to love it.  I took the 5 that we raised for a friend to her today and so now my bathroom is back to being ours again.  Now to clean it - yuck.  We started putting up fence for the chickens to be in too but I talked to DH and convinced him that we needed to have a gait so we could get in if we needed to so now we need to get some wood for that and hinges.  I'm doing laundry and will be hanging out my first batch on my new line!  Cant wait to have freshly hung laundry! 

I will be posting some more pics of the chicken coop and run later.

Hope you have a terrific Easter!

Talk to ya later!



  1. Yay Chicks! My DH and I have a few chickens, but we're looking to get more. :) I'm going to hang my laundry this year as well-I've never done it before! I'm a little intimidated of bugs getting on the laundry though....

  2. You shouldnt get too many bugs on the laundry while they are hanging on the line, just make sure you shake everything as you take it down that way you wont be taking in any little guests. It's been a long time since I have had a line to hang clothes on and I really miss the fresh off the line smell plus saving me money on my electric bill if you know what I mean!

  3. Denise,

    Happy Easter...How old are your chicks now? I am wondering how old they need to be before introducing them to the coop...have a lot of work to do...hoping to start on the coop tomorrow...

    Thanks again for posting to my blog, I promise to visit yours more...good luck with the chicks..R Dean

  4. They are a little over 4 weeks old and were pretty much fully feathered out. We put a heat lamp in with them but only used it for two nights as it has been really warm here lately.

  5. I still think the fact that you can mail chicken eggs and have them be okay on the other end is amazing.

  6. This is true but we got chicks which arrived live without eggs to the post office where I picked them up. You can buy fertilized eggs and have them shipped as well but you need an incubator and we didnt want to get that much into it although hubby is now saying he wants to get some more chicks. lol.


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