Wednesday, March 3, 2010

chicks arrived

I picked them up this morning at the post office around 7 a.m.  Unfortunately we lost three out of the 15 we received so we are down to 12 now.  The rest look very healthy and are cheeping and eating and drinking and pooping.  The first one that died was having problems out of the shipping box.  He was staggering and didnt have his poor little eyes open so I think he just was younger than the others.  Hope we dont lose anymore.  It wasnt hard to pick up their little bodies and put them in the box in the back so DH could bury them cause I wasnt attached to them yet.  They are Golden Comets and are supposed to be all female (which are striped) but I think we may have a rooster cause it's all cream colored with a little red on the head but no stripes.  Our milk lady said she would take some though so that's good.  We even ordered our coop the other day online so hopefully it will get here soon.  There was a 2-3 week wait for that.   Shoot I think we will need a bigger box to put them in before it gets here...;)

The weather is supposed to warm up this weekend so we are going to try to put up the greenhouse.  DH asked for Saturday and Sunday off but we'll have to see if they actually let him have off.  It will be nice to get all the little plantlets off of the counter besides they are getting a bit leggy.

Will be taking pics of the new girls and posting them later.  (Finally us girls will out number the boys in the house lol)

Talk to ya later!


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