Thursday, March 4, 2010

chickie pics!

The pics arent so good because of the red heat lamp we are using.  I will try to get better pics later this week.  By the way we miscounted.  We actually have 13 chicks so they sent us one extra!  They are playing with the pine shavings in the pics and sleeping.  They go until they just fall over.  So funny. 

Here is a pic of what I received for Valentines Day from my farming sister over at Mary Jane's Farm.  The flower is a handmade recipe holder. 

Talk to ya later!



  1. That is so cool! you have your coop built? If so, please send some pics...I'm contemplating building our garden shed and incorporating a coop...

  2. We ordered a premade coop from Mainly because my husband and I work full time and he really isnt that carpentry minded. They look really well made and I will post pics when we get it. We thought about buying a shed and just converting it but when we added up all the additions to it (windows, vents, nesting boxes, and time) it actually was going to cost us more than just buying a chicken coop. We plan on moving in the future too so didnt want to have to move such a big building. The chicken coop we ordered has wheels! So nice for moving around and getting it to our backyard when it arrives. Good luck on the shed and coop though. I'm sure it will be great!

  3. Cute chicks, I have mine coming the first week of May. Don't you just love them when they are small and still all fluffy. God bless

  4. Well they are getting bigger and not so fluffy but I still think they are cute ;)


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