Friday, March 5, 2010

Playing chicken

All righty then, do I have weird chicks?  Cause they like to pick up a piece of pine shaving and then the one who picked up runs around in circles mind you with all the other chicks chasing her.  So funny.  A few of them even have little tail feathers starting to emerge and they even try to flap their wings (not so funny when they actually get big enough to fly).  They have decided to try to flick out all of their feed onto the floor and then they scratch it so hard the pine shavings go into the water dish.  Can you tell I am entralled? 

Talk to ya later!


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  1. Sounds like my chickies. It's hilarious to watch them chase each other. I just moved mine to a longer/bigger box and they are running from one end to the other, flapping their little wings and jumping. They do the shavings in the water thing too, so last year I placed a small brick in the box and put the waterer on that. It works pretty good and gives them a new "toy". So the new game is jumping on and off the brick.
    Have fun!


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