Sunday, June 13, 2010

Darnit/dammit doll swap on MaryJane's Farm  Here is a link to the farmgirl I swapped a darnit/dammit doll with.  I posted pics below.  Enjoy.

I used a paisley fabric for her body and then just started adding hair, button eyes, embroidered mouth and a little apron.  We had to make up our own pattern as well.  She also has a poem that I stuck into her apron and in her other hand she is holding some silvery beads. Since she is supposed to be a gardening darnit/dammit doll and the beads are supposed to be frost...Went a little wild on the hair but Robin said that she liked it and that's all that matters.This is the darnit doll Robin sent to me.  She did a lot more embroidery than I did and the beaded hair is so cute and on the his back he has a sign that says kick me!  Too cute.

Talk to ya later!


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