Friday, June 11, 2010

New Chicken pics!

Here she is again with the camera...I have more important things to do than go blind from camera flashesWhere's the food?Lovely Little Lettie!Who are you lookin' at?I think there's some good stuff over hereAnd finally here is a pic of the modifications we made to our coop.  It was way too hot in the little coop so DH made a little screen door and put a chain on the main door so it wouldnt slam shut.  He also made a little platform for the waterer so there's not so much litter in the water now.  Since this pic we added some little sliding locks so the screen door stays in place.  As the wood dried out it started sliding around pretty good.  What's up next?  Maybe some easy chairs for the little ladies...dont think they're spoiled any do ya?

Talk to ya later!


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