Monday, July 5, 2010


Last night (the fourth) and the night before (the third) we had neighbors shooting off fireworks.  I must say when you live in a subdivision you really really dont need those loud things going off.  The houses are pretty close and everyone ends up with bits and pieces of firework stuff in their backyard.  It was one of the reasons we put up a fence.  Needless to say the girls did NOT like the loudness.  And hubby did not appreciate the fact that they shot off fireworks until 1:30 a.m. on the third and 11:30 on the fourth cause of course he had to work in the next day.  I went out last night to check on the chicks and they were out of the coop piled up in a corner of their run and were very upset.  They stayed out all night as far as we can figure and I sure do hope that they will be roosting in their own little coop tonight.  I dont think it is good for them to be out like that laying on the ground.  I was so happy when I got up this morning and they were none the worse for wear.  I was so afraid that one or more would have kicked the bucket from the stress of those fireworks.  What really gets you is that the ones setting off fireworks dont work their on welfare.  The neighbors that work could not afford so many.  Ticks me off!  Spending my hard earned pay for fireworks...any way I'm just glad the girls made it through the night. 

Since I had off over the holiday (I have such nice bosses ;) and no they dont read my blog)  I canned some pickles.  Hubby's co-worker was nice enough to bring in cukes and banana peppers for him.  A whole shopping bag full that his neighbor gave him well actually left on his porch (sneaky gardener lol)  So I found an old recipe that used onions, peppers and cukes for pickles.  I got 11 pints.  Now ask yourselves what are two people going to do with 11 pints of pickles, why give some away of course.  Cause there is no way we would eat that many pickles.  We just dont eat pickles all that often.  Today I canned some lavender jelly.  Cant wait to taste that.  I got 9 4oz jars of that.  I think I'm going to have to buy more canning jars.  Now if I can just find more space....

Talk to ya later!


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