Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ooops there goes another one

another egg that is.  Seems one of the girls has decided to lay her eggs up by the waterer.  hmmm.  It might be the smallest one, Lettie.  The others pick on her so she is kind of a loner.  I sure do wish she would lay it in the nest box though.  We are up to six eggs a day.  They are really noisy when they are going to do it too lol.  I told my husband that it probably freaks them out the first time they lay.  Minding their own business and then ooohh have to go to the bathroom and ouch out pops an egg.  Anyway we need to eat some eggs cause they are piling up ;)

Talk to ya later



  1. Hey Denise! Wow, six eggs a day, that sounds great! How many hens do you have? Our's have not started to lay yet, expect another month or so. What are you feeding yours? R Dean

  2. We have 8 Golden Comets. They started laying about three weeks earlier than they were supposed to. We feed them just regular crumbles and they loooovvvve watermelon. They also get oyster shell and grit which we put out for them. They also get some cukes whenever I have some extra since we are all pickled out lol. We also change their water out twice a day. Hope yours start laying early too cause you cant beat a fresh egg in the morning!

  3. Good for you on your egg supply.

    Our girls have gotten lazy and egg production is down. Wonder if it's because of the heat......

  4. Well Carol we are now down to 5 a day. It has been really hot here upper 90's to 100's each day for over three weeks. I'm surprised they havent stopped laying altogether but they havent knock on wood!


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