Sunday, July 18, 2010

More eggs please

The girls are up to 5 eggs today so only 3 more have to start laying.  I guess our talk a week ago got through to them lol.  My lavender jelly did actually set up!  I'm so proud of myself, I actually got jelly to work.  I had it on toast this morning (homemade wheat bread) and it tasted so good.  DH got out the papaya salsa last night and really liked it.  He ate 1/2 pint of it. ;) 

We got our dehydrator the other day.  It's an Excaliber.  Cant wait to try it.  You can even do yogurt in it.  Need to try that out.  I was going to buy a yogurt maker but if I can use the dehydrator that will not only save me money but also space in my kitchen. 

I started our first batch of kombucha today.  Will have to let you know how it turns out. 

It's all good!


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  1. You will so love the excaliber. I love mine and it was so worth the extra money. The temperature dial comes in very handy. Have fun experimenting.


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