Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to clean and store garlic bulbs

This is a bowl of garlic that I harvested from my garden.  Garlic is very easy to grow.  I took some pics on how I clean it up to store it.  You dont even have to wash the bulbs off either.  First take a bulb and

cut off the root end.  Then

start taking off the outer layers of skin.  Some of the outer layers will have mold.  See in the pic?  Just take as many layers off that have the mold on them and

look at that!  It looks just like store bought but much better tasting.

Here are some walking onions I also harvested.  Boy are they strong.  Dont need much in any recipe...

And here is all of them cleaned and stored in a mesh bag.  I saved the bag from some onions I had gotten at the store.  Now just put your cleaned garlic in a dry, cool, dark place.  I store mine in my pantry.  This is my whole harvest and should last us until next year.  Any bulbs that we havent eaten get replanted next year. 

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  1. I have never grown garlic before...may try this next years...good to know how to store them thanks. Trish


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