Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things have been happening....

Sorry I've been not posting as much as I should.  About four weeks ago hubby and I went for a mini vacation (overnight).  When you have chickens it's hard to get away for longer than that.  We went to the Lodge outlet store in South Pittsburg, TN.  It's right by the factory and although they dont give tours, they do have a video running in the store that you can watch.  They have seconds in the back with little nicks and such that dont affect the cookability (is that a word?) of the cast iron.  They have a lot of other kitchen items and camping items too. 

We stayed overnight in a Motel which was really nice and clean.  And if you thought going to the Lodge outlet store wasnt exciting enough, we were going to go to the Jail Museum but didnt cause they were closed...darn.  We even went to the Railroad Museum but guess what?  They werent open either.  Guess Mondays arent a good day.  Anyway we had a nice two days out and on the way home stopped at Swiss Pantry and had a really good sandwich. 

We got home and the cats were all sleeping but the chickens were happy to see us.  Well maybe it was the spinach they were happy to see...chickens remember food LOL...

The Molly man sleeping in my clothes basket.  See what he does?  He moves all the clean clothes out of it.  Cant get too upset with him.  After all he is over 20 years old and has a hard time finding a comfortable place to sleep...

More coming up!


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