Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vacation pics

This was on the way to the Lodge factory up in the mountains.  There is a look out with a wide vista of the land below.

Hubby checking out the underside of the look out.

We went to the top of the look out and you had to climb the stairs to get there.  It was drizzling and I was in my sandals and there was graffiti painted on some of the stairs and on the top of the big rock...Hubby thought I was going to fall.  It was much easier getting up than going down.  No handrails....and the drop was straight down...

But boy it was sure pretty even on a wet day.  We had to wait until we came back from the Lodge factory to stop as it was also very foggy up that high in the early morning but not so much when we came back.  Doggone it if I cant go to a jail museum or a train museum I'm at least going to crawl up some wet rocks to look over a valley :)


  1. Pretty view! I would have been scared to go up there you have more nerve then me. Trish

  2. I guess the stupider you are the less fear you have...LOL.


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