Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monsanto and Cargill messing with Mother Nature...Again

Well now they want to mess with the oceans, lakes and streams...
  • The soy industry, Monsanto, Cargill and other agribusiness giants are trying to position GM soy as a “sustainable” choice for aquaculture (farmed fish) feed
  • As soy is not a natural food found in the oceans, it poses serious risks of pollution, lack of nutrient content in seafood, and contamination of the oceans with herbicide-saturated GM soy
  • There is also concern about adding GM soy to yet another area of the food supply; it’s already ubiquitous in processed food and factory-farmed meat
  • By boycotting not only farmed fish but also GM soy, you’re taking a stand in support of natural, organic and independent community farms both on land and at sea

People are going to be dying from hunger in this country.  Taking all the nutrition from our food is NOT a good idea.  Shame on them for polluting our food chain and shame on us for buying what they're selling.


  1. All part of agenda 21. I don't believe this is a mere conspiracy.

    It's also pure arrogance, this messing around on a DNA level with things that God made.

  2. They are too big. Way too big. Then they can claim ownership rights to GM fish. What next?


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