Friday, October 22, 2010

Beautiful week

It's been beautiful here all week.  We're supposed to be getting some rain on Sunday/Monday.  We really need it.  I didnt bake bread the other day.  I baked muffins!  With sourdough!  And they tasted great!  I know, I know stop with the exclamation  Anyway if you are interested in making some sign up for the sourdough lessons - the button is to your right.  The add-ins I used the first time were golden raisins and blueberries.  The second time I made them (I think I need an intervention) I put in some dark chocolate chips and nuts....mmmm good.  Today I am making some bread though.  I think I have figured out how not to have it so sour.  We'll see how this batch turns out.  I need to grind some flour first.  I wont even mention the fact that I dropped DH's glass top to his oatmeal jar on the floor when I was trying to make the second batch of muffins.  It shattered into a million pieces...luckily all the cats were sleeping and the broom was real close cause I was in my stocking feet...

DH did clean out the chicken run and got all the cobs and dried up watermelon skins off the ground.  It looks much better.  Today I planted some collards (never tried growing them before) and started some cabbage as well.  I repotted the basil as it has grown too big and looked kinda sad.  It was in this growing mix and I dont think it is real dirt so hopefully they will like their new pots and grow big enough for us to have some fresh and dried this winter. 

DH had off yesterday and I took off the day from typing as well.  We went to Garden Cove (a local whole foods grocery) and got some good stuff!  We even picked up some fresh cilantro and fresh dill to dry in my dehydrator.  He even helped fill a couple of the trays for me...such a nice hubby :)  I even had some thyme I had growing outside.  I cut it back the other day so put that in the dehydrator as well.  I had dried some basil and some stevia in it before and the dehydrator does do the job.  Love the fact that I wont have to buy most of my herbs from the store anymore.  I'll be checking the dryness today and if they are dry enough will be putting them in some jars to store. 

The chickens are still laying and havent started to molt yet. 

My sewing machine is giving me fits.  The bobbin is catching up all the thread for some reason.  Will have to get my book out and see how to troubleshoot it...ripping out five or six times really sucks...:(

I ordered another kombucha from Ebay of all places.  I hope that this time I will be able to actually make it.  The last two times the mother died on me ...well actually it was dehydrated so it just didnt come back to life so I guess I didnt kill it.  I got some organic green tea at the store just in case it was the tea I was using that was not good.  I need to bottle up some of the kefir I have done too today.  Busy, busy, busy.

Hope your day goes well today!



  1. You never seem to break any glass when you have shoes on. Funny how that is.

  2. Denise,
    Well I have no idea what you are ordering from e'bay. Have to look that one up.
    I know what you mean about the bobbin giving you trouble, hate it when that happens.
    Nancy Jo

  3. Kombucha is a drink that is started with a culture. It kind of looks like mold - kinda gross I know but we'll see what it tastes like...

  4. Girl I didn't know what you were talking about either until I read your comment above....I couldn't drink any thing that looked like mold...hope it doesn't hurt you. Trish


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