Friday, October 15, 2010

Finished knitted items...

My new cardigan I completed.  Loved the yarn.  It is RY Luxury Cotton DK 50% cotton, 45% viscose and 5% silk #263 which is a beigey brown.  So soft and I loved the pattern as well.  It has decreases along the front cable to define the waist.  I used two different sized buttons because when I went to the dreaded Wal-Mart I picked up three cards with one being smaller than the other two so decided to see if I had any buttons in my stash that would work better for the smaller ones and I did!  They are clear glass and are a little bit bigger than the others but they work and I like it so that's all that matters ;)  Oh and the pattern came from an old Creative Knitting Mag.

This is a tank top.  I had some yarn (Cascade Yarns Rio 75.9% cotton, 24.1% viscose in color #244) and couldnt find a decent pattern so I just made the pattern up.  I have the pattern written down and will put it up on the blog here in a few weeks after I write it out from my short  The yarn was a worsted weight and much prettier in person.

A little lacy vest done in Jo Sharp's Alpaca Silk Georgette 40% Alpaca, 40% Merino and 20% Silk in #755 Musk.  Now this pattern was a little strange as the lace pattern is not only on the front but on the back as well.  The pattern is from Nashua Handknits Seashore Spring and Summer 2007 book.   All the yarn above came from the WEBS yarn site. 

Here is a pic of my new basket I ordered from Southern Plate.  It is commemorating their 2nd anniversary and has dividers in it for your silverwareand plates in the back.  It's an American Traditions hard maple basket made in Ohio and they use vegetable dyes.  They are really well made and were a lot cheaper than Longerberger baskets which if you have any of those you know what I am talking about.

Will post more later!



  1. Just Lovely! What talent. I am taking a learn to knit class next week. What fun it would be to someday knit something other than a scarf.

  2. You're going to love knitting. It's very relaxing. Making a sweater isnt hard, just remember that a sweater is made up of rectangles so if you can knit a rectangle you can knit a sweater. If you need any help, let me know.


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