Friday, October 15, 2010

Chicken and some flower pics

My butterfly bush decided to bloom some more this fall.

See you can see the dead blooms from this summer in the background. 

Several of the girls...

I dont think they really like their pics being taken.  I wonder if the cant see after the flash?  :)

Remember the little frog on my door screen several months ago?  Well DH found him out in of all things the paint tray which was filled with painty water.  He seemed Ok.  Dont think that paint water was so good for him so....

We made him another place to go.  He left though.  Must not like clean water.

Giving me the chicken eye...

Not much grass on this side.

We're going to be making a movable chicken run for them.  DH wants to try plastic pipe to make it easier to move.  Anyone had any experience making one out of plastic pipe?

Talk to ya later!


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