Friday, October 15, 2010

Lincoln County Tennessee Fair

We went to the fair in September, cant say we were too impressed though...It was kind of disappointing.  I really thought they would have more animals than we saw.  The day we went they only had chickens (3 different breeds and only about 40 of them), pigs (only 2 different breeds) and some miniature donkeys and ponies.  Oh and they had some horses but we didnt go to the other side of the fair for that.  No cows, goats, etc.  And when we went into the little buildings they had for the 4Her's contests and the produce I was shocked because there were no quilts!  No knitting either...  But boy did those young 4Her's really have alot of things in there.  They were so crowded together that you could hardly see anything.  I really have to say that the judges really had their work cut out for them on giving out the ribbons.   Here are a few pics.  This is cotton.  See the boles.  If you have never seen cotton growing it is really pretty.  It first gets these little pink flowers on them (the white cotton does anyway) and then as they get bigger the flowers turn white.  Then the boles are formed from the flowers.  It grows as a bush with the lower most branches getting the boles opening first.  The boles open up and there's the cotton.  Pretty amazing plant actually.  When a whole field is covered with the opened boles it looks like snow.  That's the nice thing about cotton.  Now the bad thing about cotton at least near where I live is that they spray it with all these chemicals to keep the weeds down as it is growing and to kill the bole weevils.  Then when the boles have opened early in the fall they spray a defoliant on it.  To make matters worse when we bought our home in this subdivision being from the north we had no idea that a cotton gin was sooooo stinky.  During the last part of September and through November outside of our house smells like a cross between something dead and dog poop.  Needless to say I cant hang up any clothes to dry and sitting outside during this time is not something I really want to do. 

More pics of the fair.  See all the brown eggs?  Hubby said our eggs were much nicer looking.

This was sooo cute I couldnt resist taking a pic.  It is a frog made out of a gourd.

Honey exhibit.  See the frames.  Those are filled with honey combs. 

They also had food items, cakes, pies and canned goods.  I really wanted quilts and needlework though...:(

More to come!


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