Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Films coming out...

Well just heard that they will begin filming The Hobbit this month.  It's going to be a two parter.  Cant wait to see it.  Some of the cast from Lord of The Rings is going to be in this one.  They even said that Christopher Lee (who is 88) will be reprising his role.  I am pretty sure that it is going to be just as good as the original trilogy.  It is supposed to come out in 2013.  Long wait for hopefully a good movie.

On the other hand I just read that they are going to be filming another movie.  It's called Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter...Huh????  This vampire stuff is just getting way out of hand.  They say that movies reflect the mood of the people.  I guess we are just surrounded by vampires, well I'm not, just the people in Washington maybe LOL. :)

In my opinion there havent been very many good movies lately.  I think the writers arent in touch with reality in some ways.  Funny movies just arent funny.  Replacing some good laughs with swearing and gutter humor really isnt working.  TV doesnt have any really funny shows on.  I guess maybe I'm getting too old.  I remember when you watched Lucy, Barney, the Fonz, Laverne and Shirley and they were funny.  Sure they were silly but it was a nice vacation from reality.  TV doesnt have anything on that is worth watching really and the good shows that they do have on they cancel for lack of viewership.  Where do they get the numbers?  I watch some shows dont get me wrong but no reality shows.  Dont get those at all.  If I want reality all I have to do is go to the store.  There's a big dose of reality.  I want fantasy, just get away type of shows where I have to maybe think about the show during the week.  I loved Lost though some people didnt get it and you really had to watch it from the beginning to halfway understand it.  It had a religious ending which some people didnt like but I thought it was great.  After the first season I could see the religious underpinnings which really came to the forefront during the last season. 

I guess what I am trying to say in my rambling way is that movies and TV shows need to do something whether that is just making people laugh to taking them to a different place and time or into situations where they would never be to trying to make a difference in their lives whether it be from laughing and enjoying themselves to making them think or making them forget.  Movies and TV are powerful.  Although they are not the end all and be all by any means.  I could live without TV but not without books.  Books make you use your imagination and that is something we all could use a lot more of.

Well now that I have just about made a circle and not made any sense I'll close for now.  Hope everyone made it through the bad weather.  It was sure cold here this morning and yesterday the wind was whipping around so it made me think it was colder than it was.

Talk to ya later!


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  1. I agree. I have not paid to see a movie in 12 years. Not one ever came out worth the $10 ticket. I also can not believe the crap that makes its way on the TV. What does it say about us as a culture that this is what we watch in our spare time.


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