Saturday, February 26, 2011

They carry spices, cheeses, etc.  I just ordered some vanilla beans from them and their prices are very reasonable and they are having free shipping on their vanilla beans right now.

I'm going to be making my own vanilla extract.  More later...


  1. Hi denise,
    No I have never made a rag basket, but they are really cute and pretty. Maybe I should look into how to do it.
    My strips for the rag rug on my site were probably about an inch wide. The thinner they are the easier they are to crochet. Wear your arm out if they are too wide. Probably could be wider if you are braiding the rug.
    Nancy Jo

  2. I have never made homemade vanilla extract this will be a first. Spinndiva do you use bourbon or vodka? I'm leaning towards bourbon as that's what kind I buy in the store but maybe vodka would be more vanilly?


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