Saturday, February 19, 2011

An actual written post!

Thursday I went out with my friend, Kathy, her daughter and granddaughter for lunch.  We went to 88 Buffet on University Drive.  We got there at 11 which was great because just a half an hour later there was a line all the way outside to get in!  It was a very good buffet with lots of different dishes and the price was really good.  For the three of us (the granddaughter is under 2) it was only $22 and I had gotten a sweet tea so it would have only been $21 plus tax.  No wonder there were so many people there.  After we were done we went over to the new Joann's Fabric store.  It's been open only for two weeks.  Of course we said we werent going to get anything.  You know how that went...we each bought something.  Going out to lunch with friends can be very expensive sometimes LOL.  No I really didnt spend that much.  I just got a few small items and a magazine.  When I got home I signed up for Joanns flyer so should be receiving the sales flyers regularly now. 

On Friday evening, hubby and I went to Publix.  I've been coupon cutting lately and actually with all their buy one get one free things plus my coupons we got out of there under $120 which was pretty good.  I saved about $30 with my coupons.  I would love to be one of those coupon cutters who can go in and get a carload of groceries and only pay the tax.  I wanted to go to CVS but hubby was tired and cranky (he worked 8 hours and shopping is not his favorite thing to do) and he just wanted to go home and eat his sandwich.

Today I went to CVS.  Most of the things I was going to get were sold out.  So next time if there is something I really want I need to get my butt in there the first of the week when the sale starts.  I used my extrabucks up though and only spent $4 for my bag of stuff.  I was pleased anyway.  I also stopped at a new thrift store that just opened a couple of months ago.  I got a little crock for $5.  It was cute and who couldnt find a use for a crock?  Tonight we are going to eat leftover sandwiches for supper.  We always get a full hoagie and then half it and eat one half the first night and either eat the remaining sandwich for lunch the next day or for supper. 

I'll have to take a pic of my crock so you can see it.

Talk to ya later!



  1. Denise, we're with you on the coupons...not sure how they manage that...but sure wish we could do that!!! How are your chickens? Are you getting more this Spring? I think we will probably end up brooding our own...I want to order from Murray McMurray, but the guy I bought mine from last year wants to order from the local co-op, which in turns orders from a local hatchery. The problem with that is, the selection is nill...We were hoping to get some Americana's and Plymouth Rock's, and maybe a couple ducks!!!

  2. Our chicks are doing great. We only had one that molted. She was naked all arnd her neck and looked really bad but she is back to normal. They just kept laying every day. The least amount of eggs we had was 3 and we didnt even use any sort of light for them. We arent going to get any more this year and maybe not even next year. We have grown so attached to them and our coop only holds eight and we cant kill the family members if you know what I mean. They have names! The only thing about ordering from the co-op is that you may end up with a bunch of roosters. If we ever get a farm we would love to have some ducks. Tractor Supply gets them in every spring along with the chicks and those little ducklings sure are cute. Let everyone know when you get the new additions to the family. Thanks for stopping by!

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