Friday, February 18, 2011

Obama creates the worlds first superstate

After Kelle's comment on the last post, I looked up the first one.  If you want to see that one, the link doesnt work because it was too long but if you just go to the above shortcut and go to their site, they have lots of articles and the one she mentioned was under the politics tab.  It is further down than the one I have posted above.  This paper is from Australia.  It is very interesting to see what other countries know about our own country that we dont.  Now we all need to ask ourselves why is our media not covering these things?

And before I forget, Thanks Kelle for the info!!!


  1. You are welcome and sorry the link thingy didn't work( I'm computer dumb)! As for our media, even Fox News( I, personally call them Faux News) has been found to twist and distort the news and they are the media that claims to be fair, balanced and honest. Me thinks not, especially after a spoof on Ron Paul recently, trying to create doubt and further their own agendas. :o(

    We all need to research our news, out of country medias are the best I've found and then look at both sides of everything, pray and decide for ourselves. This is called thinking outside the box and as our government is trying to do is indoctrinate people, so that those of us that can think for ourselves are labeled radicals, and to the recent point by the head of Homeland Security "homegrown terrorists"*sigh*

  2. Kelle - I dont think you're computer dumb! I think the shortcut was just too long so Blogger shortened it. (they are so helpful at times...LOL).


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