Saturday, February 26, 2011

What have I been up to lately...

Well on Thursday I decided to go to the Joann Fabric Store grand opening in Huntsville.  DH decided to go with me and after I was done spending the big bucks there we were going to go to EarthFare which is in the same mini-mall.  I wanted to get there early as they were going to be giving away 100 $10 gift certificates.  Instead of waiting in the car, DH decided to wait in line with me until the store opened.  We had gotten there 1/2 hour early and there was a line...crazy.  But when they opened the doors since we were in the first 100 we got gift certificates and since DH was with me he got one too!  He handed it to me...isnt he sweet?  So the next time I get a chance to go I can use them and get $20 off....Woohoo!  Oh by the way I only spent $22 not the big bucks you had in mind huh?

We then went over to EarthFare.  I had gotten on the computer before we left the house and got on their site.  I signed up for emails from them and got a free meal coupon plus some others.  The free meal coupon was for a whole fresh chicken, 1# bag of baby carrots and some potatoes from the deli.  Total for all of them would have been close to $16 and we got it all for free!  Let me tell you we ate the potatoes and they were GREAT!  Yummy, just so yummy.  The chicken we froze to eat later and the carrots are in the fridge.  We have decided to go there more often because it didnt cost as much as we thought it would and they werent that busy that early in the morning.  We got some milk there too which was just pasturized and not homogenized and it was under $6 a gallon which wasnt bad and it was local milk too!

On Friday I was sick...why oh why did I make a pig of myself on the peanuts, cranberry, dark chocolate mixture.  Felt a lot better after I threw up later that day but we wont go there...:) 

Today we had eggs, pancakes and some yummy applewood smoked bacon again from EarthFare.  DH had off and took down some of the fencing from our old chicken run.  He is going to rototill the earth there and plant some clover for the chicks.  We decided to plant some things just for them so that our feed bill wont be so high.  On some of the other blogs I read I see that the prices have gone up on the feed.  We buy two 25 lb bags at a time usually and supplement with sunflower seeds, scratch and alfalfa cubes that DH crushes up for them at least for this past winter and we try to buy greens in the store for them.  This summer they should have clover galore and I'm going to plant sunflowers so we will have seeds for them this winter.  Anything to keep the cost down since they are only going to go up because of what is happening overseas.  Do you do anything like this for your chickens or other livestock that you would want to share with any readers here?  I think we should share information as much as possible just to get through these difficult times and I know I appreciate any information you can give.

Talk to ya later!



  1. Ooooh! Lucky you--TWO certificates! Have fun!

    I have ten grand-chickens, and they are a delight--the price of their feed is indeed a concern. I'd also like to hear more about how people feed them. Thanks!

  2. Oh Wendy you know I will have fun...maybe too much LOL.


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