Monday, June 27, 2011

Canning pics

Here is a pic of the wheat that grew from our wheat grass.  DH went out and cut it and we are now drying it and maybe just maybe we might have enough to grind...maybe.
Here is a photo of the potatoes from our garden that I canned.  I just did pints...maybe I should have done quarts.
Here is a pic of the blueberries, boysenberries and raspberries that I picked.  The boysenberries are done but I wonder if they refruit in the fall.  The yellow raspberries keep fruiting throughout the summer and sure are yummy.  This year I might get enough to make some jam.  I did do some blueberry jam last night and some peach butter so that leaves me with one basket of peaches yet to do and 8 quarts and counting of blueberries.
This pic is of my lavender drying.  I just let it dry for a couple of weeks and then pull off all the buds and store in a jar.  I will be making some more lavender jelly and I did find a recipe for peach and lavender jam as well...mmmmm.

And finally pics of my hair, yes that's right I cut it off for the cancer patients.  The ponytails were almost 13 inches long.  I will be sending the hair out this week so they can make a wig out of it.  It was really bothering me, too hot for all the hot summer weather and hot flashes that I've been having.
I did even up the cut after I took this pic.

and it's really hard to take a decent picture of yourself by yourself...

Well gotta go back to work, hope your day is going well.



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