Friday, June 24, 2011

Everyday things

I know I dont post much but I think I do just very mundane things and dont want to bore you to death. But here goes:

On Tuesday we went and got two big baskets of locally grown peaches from Scott's Orchard. We got some lumber to build a grape harbor. Our grapes are so loaded this year that they are laying on the ground. We do have two small metal trellaces but they are now too small to hold all the branches. I harvested the rest of my small batch of beets. Now that I know that they will do well here I'll be planting more this fall. My popcorn didnt come up...darn. My sunflowers looked like they wouldnt come up either but with the rain everyday one finally poked its head up, well at least that's what I think it is. I will be very disappointed if it turns out that it's a weed instead...LOL. The rain has greened everything up and the garden is doing pretty good. I even got one small paste tomato today. It is from a volunteer that came up near the raspberries. I've been picking about 1/2 to 1 quart of blueberries every day. I'll be making some syrup, butter and jam out of it and I'll still have enough left over to make some blueberry pancakes.

The chickens are laying well, sometimes too well I must say. I will be making some more pickled eggs only this time with beet juice. The fence around the chicken coop needs shored up or something. We need to take a day and fix it but my DH has been so sick since Tuesday. Some intestinal bug. He even called off work two days. Poor thing.

Last night I canned some peach preserves and am planning on doing some more tonight. We went to get some oil and oil filters for the car and truck yesterday, ate at Mildred's Restaurant (buffet was really yummy) and after DH visited the bathroom stopped at the fruit market on the way home. Gotta keep those chicks in watermelon ;) In case you think this was my idea, think again, DH needed to get the oil before the sale ran out so even though he wasnt feeling well we went and got it. He had a coupon. We went to the wrong store. He noticed this when we were at the cash register and mentioned that we had come to the wrong store and he had a coupon for the other store. The manager honored the coupon! So we got $10 off our purchase. DH was happy about being able to use the coupon and we didnt have to stop anywhere else which was good considering.

I finished one pair of socks for him and started another for him. Havent been doing much crafting, been reading instead.

Talk to ya later!



  1. I need to get me some hens the price of eggs is awful. You must not live to far into AL to come to Mildred's to eat we eat there sometimes it about 6 miles from me.
    Have you thought of posting your recipes on how to can. I could use the help its been a long time since I've canned peach preserves or any preservers for that matter...I can, can
    beans and tomato’s that’s about it...have you ever canned okra. Trish

  2. Chickens are so easy to take care of and the eggs are to die for. If all you have ever eaten has been store bought, you are in for a treat with the homegrown variety. We're near Hazel Green, AL so not so far from Mildred's. I will try to post the recipes for what I can this year and no I dont can okra, planted it one year and we decided we didnt like it so no more okra. That also is what happened to eggplant. Grew some beautiful ones but we really didnt care for them. I think there are some pickled recipes for okra in some of my recipe books, I'll have to look and get back to you on that one.


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