Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yep that's what I got when I went to step out of the door this morning.  I was on my way to gather berries (every morning thing).  And it was just right there on the cement...can you guess?  I didnt take pics, it was too gross.  My cat got me a baby bunny.  And it was half eaten.  Wonderful thing to almost step on in the morning let me tell you.  At first I thought it was a rat but then I noticed the tail and yep a baby bunny.  Dont know where he got it from but I'm sure if he got one he'll probably get some more.  It was a lovely present (gag).

Anyway when I went out this afternoon to give the girls their watermelon and fresh water, under the wooden box we have the waterer on there was a little mouse.  Now chickens will kill mice but apparently when my girls are eating watermelon they dont care about anything but the watermelon.  I think my girls are kind of spoiled...

Talk to ya later!


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