Monday, June 27, 2011

Sock pics

These two pair I made for DH.  The pair on the right have aloe in them.  So soft to knit with.  He's already worn these pairs several times.

This is a pair I made for me.  I havent worn them yet but they are fairly thick and should be really warm this winter.

And this is the pair that I just finished for him.  He really likes wild colors and I think these are pretty wildly colored.  He hasnt worn them yet but its only a matter of time...

I started another pair for him and am working on another pair for me.  That will be all the socks I knit this summer, too much canning and other things to do like warping my loom for the first time.

And what would a post be without a gratuitous picture of the chickens huh?  Here it is.  The tarp is keeping them in the shade and as soon as I come out of the house they're looking for food...silly chickens it's not time yet for your watermelon or spinach.  They still have their old run attached to this one so they have plenty of room, enough room in fact to have the grass growing in the run and they seem happy enough.  When it rains I have to run out and take down that tarp and if it gets too windy it's not up since the sound of it flapping scares them.  Although you cant see it behind the coop is a fan to keep them cooler under the coop.  Like I said they are spoiled.

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  1. These chickens have a great home they don't have to worry something will eat them in the night.Trish


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