Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New NIA email

Add billionaire "Bond King" founder of Pimco, Bill Gross, to the nearly 1 million people who have watched NIA's critically acclaimed documentary 'College Conspiracy'! In Gross' brand new July newsletter that he released today, he focused entirely on a college education in America being a waste and featured many of the facts, statistics, and viewpoints that NIA was the first to expose to the world in 'College Conspiracy'.

It is not a coincidence that before the release of 'College Conspiracy' 5 weeks ago, almost nobody in the U.S. was calling college education a scam. Since the release of 'College Conspiracy', in a period of just 5 weeks there have been literally hundreds of articles and stories in the mainstream media about how college is a scam and why American students are much better off avoiding college all together.

We would like to thank all NIA members who worked tirelessly to spread the word about 'College Conspiracy'. When we all work together to spread the facts and truth about the U.S. economy and inflation, our message is able to reach nearly every single American across the country!

We just posted Gross' July newsletter to our blog for you to see: http://inflation.us/blog/2011/06/bill-gross-appears-to-have-watched-college-conspiracy/

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